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We at Realisely consider you a valuable member of our family. No matter if you are just a guest at our website or a regular user of our website we always respect your privacy. We also take all the known measures in the IT world to protect your privacy and also make sure that your privacy is not breached. A person can easily access this website(means, We, Us, The Company) using a mobile phone, a laptop, or any other device. No matter what device and what mode of access you use to access our website the privacy policy will apply. The data that you submit is utilized by us to improve the quality of our services. Realisely complies with the American Privacy Policy and takes every step possible to secure your privacy. We take full responsibility for the information that you share with us and we do not share any information with anyone under any circumstances. 


The Data We Collect:

When you access our website, we collect a small amount of data that includes:


Your Personal Information:

When you access our website, only you yourself can provide us with your personal information. Your personal information includes your first name, your last name, your email address, your contact number, and your IP address. We at Realisely want to make it very clear for our users that you do not need to provide all of your personal information but in case of some kind of bank transaction, you do have to provide all the basic information that will be necessary to proceed with the payment. In such a case, if you do not provide us with the required information we will not be able to proceed with your transaction request forward. 


Your Data Usage:

We at Realisely use cookies and other AI tools that automatically collect some of your data of when and how you have accessed Realisely’s website, how many pages have you visited, how much time have you spent on our website, from which part of the globe have you visited our site (We mean the country), and the internet browser that you have used to access our website. We assure you that we do not share your information and details that are consistent with the company’s privacy policy with anyone. 


How We “Collect” Your Personal Information:

We can only collect your personal data and information, if and when you visit our website, fill out a form requesting some kind of information, or participate in surveys and campaigns. 

We at Realisely collect information in different ways about how you use and visit and website. When you visit the website our server logs your IP address, the page you wanted to visit i.e. the URL you want to visit, and all the other information that you log in to the HTTP search bar. When some search for anything on our website the patented algorithm shows similar results and titles automatically. There are also some third-party service providers on our website who may ask you about your personal information for their website. It should be noted that if you provide them with your personal information you will do it voluntarily. After you voluntarily share your information with them, they may share your personal information with us that will be guarded by their website’s privacy policy. The data provided to us and how we use it will be dictated and guarded by the third-party service provider's privacy policy and not this privacy policy. We can only guarantee full privacy about the services that are provided by our website and not by the service providers.



A cookie is a data file that can be stored on your mobile phone or your web browser. These cookies allow us to identify you and your device whenever you visit our website by connecting it with the other information that you have provided us like your user name. These cookies are used to provide you with the best services possible. Some cookies remain on your mobile phone and your computer just for the time while you are using our website but some remain on your hard drive and you have to delete them yourself. You may use your computer and mobile phone to limit these sorts of cookies that your device is configured with but limiting the cookies may also limit the functionality of the website as well as the functions that we provide. 

The service providers(third-party) on our website may also use “Flash Cookies” that will be saved on your device and you cannot limit them, reject them, delete them or disable them like all the other regular cookies. Anyone who wants to manage these Flash cookies has to visit the Flash player settings page on Adobe’s website. 


How We “Use Your” Personal Information:

We use the personal information that you have provided us for the following purposes:

  • To understand how the users use the information  that is provided on our website
  • To enhance the user experience
  • To become able to respond to your queries and requests at the right time
  • To improve customer support and to enhance and improve our website and its features
  • To share your information with the third parties on which you have agreed
  • To publish related content 
  • To conduct on our website
  • To promote some product
  • To send you information that our algorithm detects is of your interest
  • To send you emails about news about the company, any updates on our website, and new products. If you want to unsubscribe to this service at any point, we include detailed notes at the end of every email that provides all the necessary instructions.


How We Share Your Personal Information:

We use your personal information to ask websites to send you communications and ads about the new features and new services provided by them. This information can also be shared to handle all of your queries and questions. We may also share the information we gather from you under the following circumstances:

  • Service Providers: Realisely might share your personal information with the third-party service providers that are our affiliates that provide services. These are the service providers whom we engage with to provide services as well as data. While these third-party affiliates are providing us services they may become able to access your personal data. This access will comply with the privacy policy and terms and conditions of our agreement. The companies are also advised to take all the necessary measures to secure your personal information and are asked to make sure that the confidentiality of this information is not breached. 
  • Asset Transfers: If Realisely as a company becomes involved in any sort of merger, an acquisition, or in the sale of the company altogether the data that was collected from you will be included in the assets that are to be transferred. If the company is involved in such a situation, we will use all the necessary means of communication to inform you. The resources that will be used to inform you include a notice on the website or the application or an email. 
  • Protection of Rights: We might share your personal data if we firmly believe that (i) The action is appropriate to implement and enforce the agreement and terms and conditions of any arrangement between the site that includes an investigation of violations if any. (ii) The action is necessary to prevent any kind of security-related issues involving the website i.e. a fraud of some kind. (iii) The action is required to protect the property, safety, rights, or privacy of the people that are associated with the website in any capacity i.e. users, employees, and people associated with the site. (iv) If we have complete faith that such action is necessary to satisfy any new law that is applicable on the terms and conditions, a subpoena is issued by an honorable court,  the law enforcement agencies, and the governmental authorities request to do so. 

The website can also disclose your personal information: 

  • If the company feels that it is necessary to enforce compliance with the internal policies or to protect our site.
  • To our third-party affiliates for the purpose of marketing or to enforce any other legal process at our own discretion. If any of our users are from the European Union we will email them and ask for their consent and permission. 
  • To our affiliates on the condition that they will not share your personal information in any manner that can violate the terms and conditions of our agreement.
  • And, to a third party, with your consent, where disclosure is necessary. 


Third-Party Websites:

The third-party affiliates or the third-party websites can only use and collect the necessary data to the extent that allows them to provide you the services on our behalf. Once you click on the third-party’s website link and go to that website then you are not protected by the law, terms and conditions, and privacy policy of this website. The point here that is worth noting is that different third-party websites and service providers are located in different parts of the world and they follow different jurisdictions than you and us. If at any point you want to proceed with any sort of transaction you will have to comply with the law of that particular state in which the third-party’s facility is located. In this case, our information will also become subject to the jurisdiction of the law of that state. 


Social Media Websites:

Realisely work with a lot of third parties that also include social media websites. We provide them access to our website for the purpose of generating interest in the product among users of our website. It also allows you to share the product with friends and colleagues in your social media network. Any feature that you use on our website that is provided by a third-party affiliate may result in the collection of your personal information by a third party. Your information that the third-party affiliate collects from you to share is considered public information because the third-party has made it available. At any point, if you feel that the data they are collecting is breaching your privacy you have to instruct the social media sites separately not to access your personal information. We at Realisely are not responsible for how the social media sites use the information that they have collected from you. You should review the privacy setting and policy of your social media sites about what and how they spread the data collected from you. 



The website may provide a link or list of third-party products and services. The website does not control the quality, quantity, safety, and legality of the items advertised on third-party websites. Realisely also does not guarantee the accuracy of the product and the ability of suppliers to sell the listed items.


How We “Protect” Your Information:

We at Realisely take all the necessary measures to collect, store and process data. We take all the appropriate measures to save and protect your data against any kind of unauthorized alteration, access, and destruction. The data we protect includes your user name, password, any transaction detail, and all of your personal information. The data that is exchanged between the site and user happens over a fully encrypted secure socket layer (SSL) channel. The data that you provide is secured in highly secure servers that are located in different parts of the globe. All the necessary measures including encryptions and firewalls are used to protect the data that you provide. Even after taking all the necessary measures, the data that is being transferred can not be guaranteed to be 100 percent safe. If any kind of data is compromised and breached, we assure you that we will take all the necessary action as well as inform you about the breach via email or any other social platform. In such circumstances, we guarantee an investigation according to the law and regulation. 


Data Retention:

If you are Realisely’s customer, we will only retain your data as long as you are using our services. We may retain your personal data , even after you delete your account, just to comply with terms and conditions of the privacy policy. The retention of this data is simply for the purpose of monitoring fraud, its detection and prevention. We may retain your personal information just to comply with our financial reporting and tax returns. The data of all the transactions and payments is also required for contractual commitments. We retain your data according to the record maintenance obligation of the law. 

Rights Under the General Data Protection Regulation:

If you are located in EEA(European Economic Area) and Switzerland you hold the following rights about your personal data protection:

  • Right of access: You have the right to obtain access to your personal data
  • Right of Correction: If you see that any part of your personal information is incorrect, you hold the right to ask for correction without any delay.
  • Right of Erasure: You have the right to ask for the erasure of your personal data if you think that the data is no longer required for the purpose it was collected.
  • Right of Portability: You have the right of portability that means you can transfer your data from one organization to the other. 
  • Withdrawing Consent: The process of us processing your data depends on the consent that you have given us to process the particular data. It should be noted that if at any point you withdraw your consent it will not legally affect our processing of your data before you revoked consent. 

If you want to exercise any of the above given rights you can email us. You should note that we may have to retain some of your personal data as required by the law. You also have a right to inform the local authorities about data protection. 


Children Information:

We strictly restrict children under 16 to submit any kind of data that includes their personal information. We also do not advise children under 16 to alter their credentials to access our site or any other site. 


Changes to this Privacy Policy:

You acknowledge that this privacy policy is a part of the terms and conditions for your use of Realisely’s website. Realisely reserves the right to change the privacy policy at any time and if we decide to change the policy we will disclose all the information at the website's pages. We may also make changes in the privacy policy with notifying you so we suggest that you consult this privacy policy regularly. Your use of our website after we make changes in the privacy policy will be considered as your agreement to the changed terms. 

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