Effective Steps for Anger Management


There’s a reason you’re here right now, looking at this course. You’re well aware of the negative effects of rage on your relationships that risk losing affection or, even worse, causing serious physical or physiological injury to people closest to you. Maybe you’ve been there and done that before.


One of the most common and harmful mental emotions is rage. While anger gives us a sense of power, it also damages our satisfaction with ourselves and others. We will look at the causes of anger, how to control the feeling when it occurs, and, eventually, how to fight the source of anger and turn our reactive patterns into constructive responses to difficult situations in this course.


Anger management advantages from yoga include not just soothing an angry individual, but also teaching them how to manage their anger in the future. People who have trouble controlling their emotions will benefit from yoga and spirituality activities. Realisely’s “Effective Steps For Anger Management” will go through these benefits of yoga and provide instances of people who have had success using it for anger management!

Course Description

This course will teach you why, what, when, where, and how to let go of anger in a healthy and timely manner. It discusses what actual anger management is and how to deal with rage from a position of strength and control. This is accomplished through short, snappy lessons that teach you how to apply real approaches and tools right away.


There are full-fledged yoga sessions aimed at calming various unpleasant influences that we all encounter. Each yoga practice transmits this beneficial energy, and your active participation is essential to reap the full advantages.


After enrolling you will be able to:

  • Know what anger is and why you get angry 
  • Identify your dominant anger type
  • Catch the flames of your rage before they turn into a bonfire of issues.
  • Find the source of your rage and remove it 
  • Perform breathing exercises that might help you cool down quickly.
  • When dealing with your anger, keep your perspective clear and calm.

Who Should Take this Course

This course is for individuals who experience difficulty controlling their anger, and are ready to truly manage their anger. For people who look for fast fixes or “band-aid” solutions to anger management, and struggle to take responsibility for their own emotions, this course is the ideal starting point.


This anger management course will teach you how to recognize and deal with internal anger triggers, as well as how to properly interact with others when anger emerges. You will also learn how to absorb the energy from anger in you and turn it into positive energy which can lead you to success.

Key Takeaways from this Course

  • This course will teach you about the advantages of yoga and how you can use it to calm down.
  • Learn how to live a more balanced, anger-free life by delving deeper into the ancient yoga that has endured the test of time.
  • Learn more about your daily habits to figure out where the tension and anger in your life are coming from.
  • Discover the scientific evidence on why and how anger is harmful to your health and mind.
  • Develop a deep understanding of yoga workouts that are well-designed.

Topics for this course

36 Lessons

Welcome To The Course

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Two Frameworks Of Understanding – BEL and OAR Models00:06:15
[Activity] Congratulations & Action Steps00:02:28

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Conclusion To “Anger Management” And Your Next Steps

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