Detox your Body with Yoga in 7 days


Before starting out the program, roll out your mat and grab some blocks (the blocks should be comfortable to use, no such material should be used that is detrimental to your body) to give support to the yoga postures taught in this course. In the final yoga classes of this course, we’ll be using a long reading pillow cushion.

During physical stress and exercise, deep breathing exercises provide energy to muscles. When you exercise at steady-state, you breathe with oxygen, this is called aerobic respiration. Our bodies use easily-accessible energy in the form of ATP, which is used to fuel our muscles and perform many other important tasks.

The practice of deep breathing plays a vital role in training success but is underrated. Developing control over your breathing has a number of benefits, from improving self-confidence to increasing strength. Here are a few of the benefits of deep breathing:

  • Reduces stress
  • Enhance stamina
  • Helps control shortness of breath
  • Improves speed of recovery
  • Builds endurance
  • Increases muscular strength
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves blood pressure

How can yoga help detox your body?

Several organs of our body already function as purifying organs, such as the liver, kidneys, and lungs. Perhaps you are wondering why you should detoxify your body at all. Toxins that are invading your body are forcing your body to work overtime. Toxins attack your system in several ways at the same time. Yoga is a simple, effective and safe way to detox that doesn’t have side effects.

  • Blood circulation is improved by yoga asanas. By doing so, you ensure that different parts of your body receive enough oxygen.
  • The capacity of the lungs increases. This allows for full, complete inhalation and exhalation.
  • The digestive system is regulated. Food nutrition is properly absorbed and waste is disposed of properly and regularly.  

Why Detoxing with Yoga is Important?

You can stay healthy on the inside and energetic on the outside by practising detox yoga. Your body is able to absorb nutrients from your diet more quickly when it supports detoxification. Detoxification is one of the most powerful things yoga offers you!

How can you join?

We run online yoga training with some of the best yoga teachers from around the world. Stay at home, learn and practice with the best yoga teachers of Realisely. Start by simply clicking the ‘Enroll’ button and you’ll be guided along the way with all the necessary instructions.

What will you learn in this course?

Breathing techniques and ways to detox your body would also be taught in this course. In the later section of this course, you’ll have a chance to practice, and dive deeper into meditation. After effective movement and consistent breathing practise, you will find it much easier to remain still with Realisely’s yoga classes.

Topics for this course

8 Lessons

Detox your Body with Yoga in 7 days

Introduction and what you’ll need to get started?00:1:00
Sweat it Out- Strengthens the Abdominal Muscles00:20:45
Revive with the Yoga Postures to Detox your Body00:19:48
Vitality Boost with Rhythmic Breathing Exercise for Detoxification00:21:44
Energy Elixir Helps to Get Rid of Fatigue00:18:59
Recovery Potion is Primarily Responsible for Detoxification00:27:02
Wellness Shot- Ayurvedic remedy to Detox your Body00:31:23
Twist it Out- Start by Relaxing Yourself!00:26:54

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